• Opportunity to offset the costs of owning your resort home
  • Well established rental management company with comprehensive marketing, sales, and reservation resources (including e-commerce tools & initiatives, property specific website, online reservation capability, search engine optimization, targeted online ads)
  • Experienced sales, marketing and social media teams who are dedicated professionals continually promoting our property to consumers and travel industry executives in key markets worldwide
  • Extensive customer database
  • Year-round income streams due to group, conference, wedding and special event businesses, we can generate significant rental revenue during non-peak and shoulder seasons
  • An experienced Deerhurst Resort management team maintaining your home to the highest level
  • Housekeeping, Maintenance and Guest Service around-the-clock support

The management fee that Deerhurst Resort receives covers the following expenses (not limited to):

  • Reservations & Sales and Marketing fees to secure reservations, operation of a reservation system, advertising, marketing, credit card commissions, commissions to travel agents, tour brokers, e-commerce companies, promotions, on site and off site sales and marketing personal and media exposure
  • Front desk and guest services, housekeeping, general upkeep, cleaning services, linen replacement, laundry and cleaning supplies
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Operating the resort amenities & facilities in general, in order to keep the area a desirable place for visitors and owners to enjoy year round

In order to achieve the highest occupancy rates and the best overall usage, a variety of pricing strategies are used for individual guests, travel agents, tour operators, corporate and leisure travel groups and other business. Our Revenue Management team is constantly assessing our pricing and market placement to ensure consistent occupancy levels and optimize owner revenues.

The rates and occupancy change and fluctuate regularly and are based on many variables including our competitors and market conditions. July & August are typically the busiest months while months where one set of activities have ended but another season has not started up yet, can be slower times (for example, the end of March to into May when winter activities have ended and summer activities have not started yet).

The resort offers a variety of different types of accommodation and they are rented based on guest preferences. For example, a guest may request a standard hotel room or inquire about a condo that has a full kitchen or view of the lake. We would inform the guest of all their options and book based on their request. Our website details out the types of accommodation we have with features/amenities and pictures – see the webpage here.

Our Reservation system rotates all like units so that within any given month and within a day or two, same unit’s types have about the same usage. Things that could change the rotation would be guest preference (view, floor, location etc.). Also, owner usage would count towards total usage of that type.

Rental revenue cheques will be mailed to you on or before the 45th day following each month end.

On the 15th of each month, our accounting department will post your statement detailing out the gross revenue, owner revenue share, and number of nights the unit was rented, owner and any applicable deductions. . If the date of the 15th falls on either a Saturday or Sunday the statements will be forwarded the first business day following the 15th.

Example: January statement will be posted on the online owner portal on March 15 and the rental cheque will be sent to you via Canada Post on March 15.

As a Resort Home Owner within the rental program, you would advise our in house reservations team of the dates you wish to use your unit (within your rental agreement owner usage guidelines).

All owner reservation confirmations will be handled via our in-house reservations team. They are available to assist 5 days a week from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and can be reached email at owner@deerhurstresort.com. Please provide your full name, week and unit number when inquiring.

We ask that owners pre-book earlier in the year to allow us to better predict our available inventory, which is needed to acquire business, meaning an opportunity to increase revenue (for us and you). We are flexible at the resort and if an owner wishes to request a reservation that is not indicated on their Owner Usage Calendar, they may do so throughout the year at which time their reservation is subject to availability of the unit.

Please understand that once your unit is reserved through the rental program, owner reservations cannot be confirmed for those dates.

Owners who want to maximize revenue should understand that Owner occupancy reduces the overall opportunity for revenue and is even more during peak occupancy period and special events. This should be considered when they contemplate personal use of the unit and we can provide them with guidance.

Ensuring security and privacy for our guests is paramount. If an owner wishes to access their resort home when they do not have a reservation, we are always happy to by issuing a temporary key, providing the unit is unoccupied and coordinated in advance.

Please check-in at the front desk. Photo ID and valid credit card are required. Please note that check-in time is 4:00pm or later and checkout is 11:00am or earlier. You may settle all charges to your owner’s account or by cash, debit or credit card. You do also have the option to use the video checkout service available via your bedroom television set.

As a resort homeowner, you will be responsible for your mortgage, property taxes, condominium maintenance fees, including utilities, cable, phone and internet, content and liability insurance.

As noted in the Rental Management Agreement, our Housekeeping team will perform a departure clean after resort homeowner & owner guest stays to make sure the unit is clean for the next arrival. This clean includes the changing of linens, towels, trash removal, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of all surfaces and appliances. Resort homeowners are also responsible for at least one deep clean a year.

The 2020 service costs are as follows:

 Deep CleaningRental Preparation
Lakeside (Bayshore)$269.15$43.64
Summit Lodge Suite$610.25$54.93
One-bedroom Condo$634.01$59.99
Two-bedroom Condo$717.30$75.27
Three-bedroom Condo$800.58$84.00
Suites with cathedral ceilings$27.67 additional 

Resort Homeowners are also responsible for furniture and appliance replacement, normal wear and tear items, interior upgrades including painting and upholstery cleaning.

As a resort homeowner, you are responsible for all costs associated with the upkeep and ongoing maintenance of your unit (unless covered by your condo corporation) and the replacement of broken or missing inventory. We will replace any inventory which we keep in stock i.e.: china, cutlery, kitchen items etc. These charges will be deducted on your monthly revenue statement.

Any necessary repairs will be performed by qualified resort staff or, if necessary, arrangements will be made with an outside contractor. You will only be informed of these prior to the repair if the projected cost exceeds the equivalent of the published rental rate for two days of your unit or in emergency situations.

For maintenance and repair questions or assistance in ordering/installing items inside your condo, please contact Sandra Newton, Engineering Coordinator at 705-789-7113 ext. 4465 or via email at snewton@deerhurstresort.com.

While guest damage to a unit is not a frequent event, it does sometimes happen. In these cases, we assess the cause of the damage and if we find that a guest was negligent in caring for your resort home, we hold them responsible and seek to recover any damages whether through a deposit or additional credit card charges.

Should a resort guest deliberately cause damage in your home, be it through the purposeful misuse or malicious mistreatment of the space, furniture, or appliances, Deerhurst Resort will assume the responsibility for the cost of the replacement or repair necessary to fix what was damaged. Deerhurst reserves the right to determine whether replacement or repair is required. Where possible, this cost may be recoverable by charging the guest in question. In those cases where Deerhurst is not successful in recovering the cost, the resort will still assume the appropriate responsibility. However, in any resort/hotel environment there are many other ways in which property is damaged by accident and not through purposeful misuse or malicious mistreatment. In these cases, the costs associated with fixing any damage are not recoverable from the guest and are the Homeowner’s responsibility. For the purpose of providing examples, this may include but is not limited to dents in walls, chips in the paint, scratches on furniture or flooring, replacement parts on appliances failing due to wear and tear, and even legs on chairs that may break through normal guest use. Should you see anything in your room of concern during a visit, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Guests of the resort, consider this as public accommodations and not a private residence. The consistency in décor should reflect this. In addition, the resort cannot be responsible for your personal items and it would be terrible if anything happened to them. If you would like to have personal items out while occupying your unit please feel free to do so, then store them in your lockable owner’s closet before you depart.

Since 2012, Deerhurst Resort has been working closely with Resort Home Owners on the rental program to upgrade their resort homes. We thank many of you for your tremendous cooperation to date with respect to the various refurbishment programs that have been initiated and we look forward to working with you as the process continues on an ongoing basis.

The hospitality environment in which we operate here at Deerhurst Resort bears little comparison to either a home or private-use vacation home environment where FF&E items are not generally subject to the same level of wear and tear.

As such Deerhurst Resort has provided owners with a Refurbishment schedule as a guideline however want to note that wear and tear is not predictable; therefore, the life of various furniture items, appliances and electronic equipment can be uncertain.

In addition guest expectations are predicated on certain standards and, as such, certain standards have been and will be introduced in an effort to meet those expectations.

Should you have any questions surrounding unit upgrades or renovations, please contact Erica-dorine Budreau, Homeowner Services Manager at ebudreau@deerhurstresort.com.

While participating in the resort rental program the key access to your resort home is changed with each guest reservation for security purposes.  When you are visiting your resort home a reservation will be made on your behalf and upon arrival, you can check-in to the resort in the same manner as a resort guest.  The front desk will provide you with access keys that are valid for the duration of your stay.

For resort homes with basement or locker access, a separate key will have been provided to you when you purchased your home and will be your responsibility.  If for some reason, your key ceases to work while you are visiting, please speak to our front desk manager so they can address the issue for you.  Non-rental access keys are updated annually for maintenance and security purposes.

As a Resort Homeowner participating in the Deerhurst Resort Rental program, you are required to have the $5 million in liability limits for insurance coverage along with appropriate contents, improvements, betterments coverage.

In addition to the above, Deerhurst Resort, Inc. does recommend you purchase the following to protect your personal assets: Personal contents, rental income interruption, and personal liability

It is also recommend that you check with your Property Manager to ascertain exactly what is covered by your Condo Corporation’s insurance policy.

Deerhurst Resort will remit HST directly to the CRA based upon total room revenue generated. Your individual reporting requirements may differ and will be based upon your personal and/or company practices. We suggest you consult a professional to assist with this process.