Explore New Heights with Treetop Trekking

Now Open Thursdays – Sundays

Treetop Adventures – Resort Guests SAVE 15% during your stay!

Call to receive the guest code for your booking*: 1-855-788–9009. Proof of stay will be required prior to your Treetop Trek.

Zip, climb, swing and stride on an unforgettable journey through the forest. Stride along the top of the trees with the use of rope, bridges, zip lines, tarzan ropes, climbing nets, foot bridges and swings. Whatever your level of agility, experience or age, progress is at your own pace so the experience is safe, friendly and accessible to everyone. To be at one with Mother Nature, we climb rain or shine too.

Night Treks!

Outfitted in a safety harness and helmet, you will travel from tree to tree on zip lines, suspended bridges, Tarzan swings, balance logs, cable traverses and much more, all under the light of a headlamp and the moon!

Night Treks are open to ages 12+ and have a minimum group size of 8 people except for on special ‘Open Night Trek’ dates, when there is no minimum group size. The last Open Night Trek for the Deerhurst course is September 8th.

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