Why An Agenda-Free Spring Weekend Made The Best Getaway

Why would couples ever head north in the spring? 

That was my exact thought … but man am I ever glad I did. A few years ago my fiancé and I were given a weekend away in Muskoka at the end of March. As nice a gift that was, I was well…skeptical. Muskoka in spring? I was worried we would be bored; I mean what would we do all weekend?

The snow had disappeared, and the warmth of the late spring hadn’t yet started, so getting outdoors would not nearly be as fun. My glass-is-half-full kind of partner on the other hand was excited – he couldn’t wait to get up north. So after much convincing on his part, I acquiesced and we headed up for a full weekend.

And I am so thankful we did…honestly to date it is still one of the best weekend getaways we’ve had (and we’ve done a lot!).

It was a cool, cloudy weekend, which created a cozy calmness that was the foundation of the weekend. We took long walks through the wooded forests, watched as the ice started to break-up along the shoreline of the lake, enjoyed our morning coffee snuggled up on Muskoka chairs with warm blankets on the balcony, enjoyed some wine in front of the fire, indulged in long dinners together… we reconnected, slowed things down and just enjoyed the moment. 

Often, when people head for Muskoka it’s because there are a million things to do. In the summer, your weekends get jam-packed with activities like swimming, water skiing, boating, visiting friends, exploring downtown, campfires…by the end of the weekend, well you need another weekend to rest. It’s all fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just a different experience. Winter – can have the same busy feel with skiing, skating and snowmobiling, and in the fall there’s a rush to get out and see the colours. But the spring offers this lull, and those that get to experience it, can get addicted to it.

Spring in Muskoka is a great time to slow it down, be in the moment, enjoy those slow mornings, lazy afternoons, long conversations and embrace the cozy feeling that Muskoka offers before it starts to turn green again.

I may work for Deerhurst Resort as their Marketing Manager, but everything written is true. We loved our spring weekend so much that my partner and I decided to make a lifestyle change and moved to Muskoka three years ago and have yet to look back.

But you don’t have to live here, or even plan to move here to experience the tranquility of spring – just visit. 

Take advantage of Deerhurst Resort’s Spring Special and escape midweek with rates from just $110*/night, some bonus weekends included. Enjoy fresh Muskoka dining and indulge in everything maple with special features throughout the season plus explore the onsite sugar shack on a self-guided tour. Get outdoors and explore the wooded trails, or head to the charming town on Huntsville, just 10 minutes away.

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Posted March 2017 by Ainsley Theis.