How to Speed Up Your Play on the Course

Get on and off the course faster with these easy tips

Love to golf but can’t always afford the time? Five-hour rounds are tiring for everyone, and very frustrating for all the groups behind you. We all know the players who saunter, chat and take way too much time setting themselves and their ball up (totally not you right?)

But there are easy ways to help keep play moving at a pace that, quite simply, makes the game more enjoyable and shows respect to the other players on course. Ryan Barry, Head Professional at Deerhurst Highlands is sharing some of his go-tos when it comes to picking up the pace.

And hey – if you don’t need these tips then pass them along to someone who does…

Set Yourself Up

Before you even head out to the first tee, set yourself up. Have a good supply of golf balls  and tees ready to go and easily accessible from the cart, ditch the club covers and make sure you’ve done all your sun screening and bug spraying before hand.

Just One Practice Swing … Please!

One practice swing will do it. Why waste all those ‘good shots’ on the air? Unless you’re playing The Masters, you should be able to line up your shot and test out a swing in no time. And hey, if you’re waiting that’s your opportunity to take as many swings as you want.

Never Walk Back to Your Cart

It seems obvious but we’ve all seen folks who park their carts well back of their shot, then when it’s time to move on they have to walk all the way back. Drive your cart right up beside your ball (park on the right side of the ball for right handed players, on the left for left handed … then your backswing will never be in the way which causes another delay when you have to reposition). Then bingo, you’re ready to jump in and go as soon as you’ve hit.

Know Where Your Extra Clubs Are

Bringing a couple of clubs on the green? Lay your extra clubs you’re not using on the flagstick. It will save you time looking for them at the end of the putt, or worse, leaving them behind and having to backtrack later.

Line-Up Putts in Advance

While you don’t want to stand in your fellow player’s line, you can scope out your putt while other members of your foursome are moving around. 

Lost Ball Time-Limit

Poking around tall grass and dense leaf cover with a golf club could yield that lost ball, but chances are it’s not likely. Give yourself a few minutes grace then move on. Which reminds us, make sure you’ve got a good supply of golf balls because once they’re done, so are you.

Keep Stories for the Long Rides

Save all your jokes and stories for the ride to the tee box, that way you won’t distract fellow players or hold up anyone who’s ready to swing.

Check the Time…Often

Keep on eye on the clock every couple of holes so you know if you’re playing too slow.

Beverage Cart, Keep It Quick

There’s always time to grab a drink but just make sure you’re keeping it short. Know what you want to order, keep the talking to a minimum and move on.

Know Your Route

Get to know the course before you play, layout of the holes, tee boxes and a key thing, where the restrooms are.

Keep these in mind for your next round and things should move a lot quicker. 

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Posted April 2018.