Coziness and contentment never go out of style, and what better time to embrace these two ideal states of being than late Fall? I mean… let’s be honest, what else are you doing?

The Danes have had that long figured out with their concept of hygge (pronounced hue-gah): enjoying simple pleasures that contribute to well-being. A few years ago, hygge took the rest of the world by storm, and why not? Who doesn’t want comfort, happiness and relaxation, especially as the cooler days of fall make their transition into the crisp days of winter.

It’s the best time of year to cultivate a feeling of hygge, and there’s no better place to do it than in Muskoka. Here’s how:

It’s Sweater Weather

Calm forest, crunchy snow-covered leaves, cool breeze: this is one of the best times to experience Muskoka’s peaceful trails and lakeside vistas. Throw on your favourite knits and comfy boots and go for a stroll along the shoreline or a saunter through the woods. Pause, breathe deep, and let the stillness soothe your soul.


Get away from the Day-to-Day

With the ever lasting list of emails in your inbox, and those unfinished lockdown-DIY projects calling your name, creating a sense of hygge at home can be challenging. Throw in your makeshift kitchen-table-turned-home-office and it can be near impossible. A day or two away can be just what you need to relax and refresh. A short drive north of Toronto, Muskoka offers a hygge-rich experience without the distractions. Settle in next to the fire with a beverage and a book, take a long, leisurely walk with no destination in mind, spend some time admiring the night sky, enjoy quiet moments with your person. That’s hygge.


Comfort Food (& Drink)

There’s no more simple pleasure than good food shared. Hygge doesn’t call for fine dining. A hearty, satisfying meal with friends, a relaxed chat over a steaming latte, a quiet fireside snack with your favourite person—casual, shared moments are at the heart of hygge. Many of Muskoka’s restaurants, pubs and cafés including ours right here at Deerhurst offer a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and tummy warming foods like hearty soups, chilies and indulgent treats —the perfect backdrop for connecting with the people you care about.


Ahhhh…Amba Spa

Taking time for you is essential for a sense of well-being. Up the hygge factor by adding a soothing spa experience to your me-time. Whether you spend an hour or a full day, on your own or with your partner (think couples’ massage!), it’s good for both mind and body.



Embrace Your Hygge

This is the perfect time to take a page from the Scandinavian way of life and find your hygge in our corner of Muskoka. With Deerhurst Resort’s Late Fall Special enjoy cozy mornings lounging in bed, take a stroll by the lake, unwind at the spa, or tuck into locally inspired cuisine with hearty dishes infused with the flavours of fall.