Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Tubing, Jet Skis & Cable Park

Opening for the weekend June 12 & 13, 2021 with limited activities: 

  • Jet Ski rentals
  • Watersports Sessions – choose from waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing and kneeboarding (no wakesurfing)

From June 18th, 2021 open daily for the regular season!

Muskoka’s favourite ski show team SWS (Summer Water Sports) offers experienced waterski and wakeboard instructors who will have you up on the water and having fun, Muskoka-style! 

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2021 SWS Watersports Sessions – Choose Your Activity!

This summer SWS is offering 30 minute and 1 hour sessions where you can enjoy your favourite watersport or try something new! Basic instruction included where needed. 

Choose from:

  • Waterskiing 
  • Wakeboarding 
  • Kneeboarding
  • Wakesurfing (currently not available) 
  • Tube rides (3-person tube)

Pricing is per session; riders can be switched throughout the session. Due to Covid restrictions, limited to one rider at a time. 

30 minute session – $175 
Timing provides up to two runs, which are typically 15 minutes each.  Split the runs between up to  two people or can be just one person enjoying the runs. 

1 hour sessions – $295 
Timing provides up to four runs, which are typically 15 minutes each. Split the runs between up to four people 

3 hour sessions – $820
Timing provides up to four runs, which are typically 15 minutes each. Split the runs between up to four people 

Cable Park Wakeboarding* 

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Perfect for beginners! The cable park at Deerhurst Resort features a System 2.0 Cable which is powered by a small electric motor that pulls wakeboarders and waterskiers back and forth across Sunset Bay with a continuous ride.  This system makes learning to wakeboard and waterski easy and playful. The upwards pull enables effortless starts and has proven to provide a steep learning curve for beginners. With its continuous ride and strong tension it also allows advanced riders to progress water tricks or improve their rail-riding skills rapidly. Typical bookings on the cable have participants scheduled for 10-minute rides on the cable.  Although it sounds short, this is plenty of time on the water.  It is enough time for someone to get the hang of riding on the system as well enough time to tire the average participant out. Lessons are booked in and completed on the dock before the scheduled time on the water.  We have a number of different packages to offer to consumers and one that will fit everyone’s wants and needs. 


  • 1 run on cable – $30
  • Lesson on cable – $45
  • Double run on cable – $55
  • Private hour – $150
  • 10 pack of runs – $225

Lessons & Clinics:

  • 30 minute clinic – $175
  • 1 hour clinic – $295
  • 2 hour clinic – $545
  • 3 hour clinic – $820
  • 6 hour clinic – $1500
  • Instructor only clinic – $100

Instructor Only Clinic

Have your own boat? Hire one of our instructors to get you to the next level of watersports, or help you drive your family while you enjoy the water with them.

  • $150/hour

Jet Ski Rentals

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time with your credit card for deposit and your drivers license.

  • 1 hour Jet Ski Rental – $165 (gas included)
  • 3 Hour Jet Ski Rental – $325 + gas
  • 5 hour Jet Ski Rental – $395 + gas

Seats 2 ppl, driver must be 18 years old and have a Pleasure Craft Card (boater’s License) or able to take a temporary license test. Everyone must be comfortable swimming. Tour guide available, extra charges apply.

Flyboard Lessons

Ever wanted to fly like a superhero? Get your adrenaline pumping with this popular new watersport! Our world-class instructors will have you in the air in no time!

  • 30 minute lesson – $125 (for one guest)
  • 1 hour lesson – $250 (max 3 guests)

Must be 12 years old and must be comfortable swimming.

*Pricing subject to change; as at 05/2021