Deerhurst Creates Its Own Craft Beer

It’s all about craft beer these days and we at Deerhurst Resort are totally on board with this! With a popularity expanding from big production beer to craft breweries, locally brewed beer has been brought back into the spotlight – and it’s about time!

In Partnership with Muskoka Brewery 

“The whole locally sourced movement is so inspiring and aligns so well with what we do here at Deerhurst that it only made sense to create our own brand of beer,” says, Steve Flagler, Director of Operations at Deerhurst Resort, who has a passion for beer and local business.  He continues, “Because Deerhurst is so embedded in the Muskoka culture, partnering with Muskoka Brewery to help bring life to our vision was perfect.”

Muskoka Brewery handcrafts premium beers that are unique and refreshing just like the area they are crafted in. With a focus on the environment via their partnership with Evergreen and their work with Muskoka Conservancy,  the decision to partner with them to create a unique brand that would represent Deerhurst was even easier.

“The process just clicked,” Steve says. “Once we decided to go forward with this, and connected with Muskoka Brewery, everything fell in place. We wanted to create a beer that would reflect what Deerhurst represents – a woodsy, yet polished experience,” He adds, “Plus, what a cool and fun thing to offer to our guests – a custom brand of craft beer only available here!”

Introducing Whitetail Ale

“The name is a natural, and after deciding to rebrand Steamers to The Antler Steakhouse, to connect it more thematically to the resort’s identity and to reflect a dining experience that is definitely geared toward the carnivore crowd, it worked even better,” Steve says. “The name aligns with our rustic side…Deerhurst, deer…it all just worked,” Steve says.

What Can You Expect from This New Beer?

Whitetail Ale has a light and refreshing body with hints of caramel and toasted and toffee malt notes that coat your tongue before finishing with a gentle but present bitterness.

“It’s approachable,” Steve says. “Craft beers can often be hoppy, so for Whitetail Ale we wanted to create sometime that was easy to drink but still very flavourful. This way, Whitetail Ale would appeal to more of our guests and complement most items featured on the menus.”

Whitetail Ale is available exclusively at Deerhurst Resort year-round. Enjoy it on tap at Compass Grill & Bar, Maple Patio and of course The Antler Steakhouse. Pull up a chair, enjoy the views and come to try this new beer for yourself! 

Posted June 2017 by Ainsley Theis.