Nothing is better than creating unforgettable moments with your significant other. It helps reinforce what – and who – is important to us. But when can you carve out the time to get away? Sandwiched in between the rush of back-to-school then it’s Thanksgiving already and the madness of the holiday season is a quiet, oddly magical time in Muskoka. But what’s there to do once the leaves start to fall and the temperatures drop? Here are our top five late fall to-dos for couples…


Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower

Sure, those reds and oranges get all the glory late September/early October,  but the views are still spectacular from the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower once the foliage enters the ‘golden encore’ phase. The tower holds an observation deck 142 metres (465 feet) high above the rolling Algonquin Highlands landscape. And, with 128 stairs to reach the top you’ll get your steps in, big time. Located on Hwy 35 from Hwy 60 east of Deerhurst Resort, the tower provides an incredible 360 degree view of the changing season. From there you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from the village of Dorset, where a visit to Robinson’s General Store is a must. 


Local Craft Beer Inspired Food

Muskoka is abundant with unique culinary experiences and it has its share of craft breweries. What happens when the region’s original craft brewery teams with one of Muskoka’s oldest resorts to create a beer-infused menu? The perfect combination! Deerhurst executive chef Rory Golden has created a “Cheers to Beer” menu with dishes that each feature a different Muskoka Brewery flavour, including  Harvest Ale, Muskoka Mad Tom IPA, Muskoka Craft Lager and Shinnicked Stout. There’s even an overnight package featuring a VIP brewery tour and sampler 4-pack delivered to your room. The package and the menu are only available in November though. You know what they say – the couple who savours craft beer together stays together. (According to us anyway.)  



There is no better way to connect with each other than letting conversation meander like the trail while hiking through the wilderness. At this time of year, kicking up leaves brings back memories of childhood, and wildlife and birds can be easier to spot as the foliage thins out. And the best part? No bugs! Just dress in layers as you’ll warm up quickly. While Algonquin Park is a hiker’s heaven, north Muskoka offers numerous hiking trails that are easy to access. Some of our favourites are the Stubbs Falls trail in Arrowhead Provincial Park, Limberloast Wildlife Reserve, the Sanctuary Trail in Woodland Heights, and the Deerhurst Lookout trail with stunning views of the resort and Peninsula Lake. 


Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery

Canada’s iconic early 20th century artists come alive on this outdoor gallery experience throughout downtown Huntsville and surrounding area. The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery features over 90 incredible mural replicas of the works of these iconic Canadian painters, along with the legendary Tom Thomson. (While discovering the murals along Huntsville’s Main Street, check out the life-size bronze statue of Tom Thomson complete with paint box and canoe, in front of the Algonquin Theatre and town hall. These murals can be found on the back and side walls of businesses throughout the area – there’s even one at Deerhurst! 


Downtown Huntsville

We can’t get enough of Downtown Huntsville. Don’t believe us? Check out this post on Six Must Visit Shops in Downtown Huntsville. When was the last time you considered holiday shopping relaxing? Trade the mega-mall crowds and parking spot anxiety for Huntsville’s quaint downtown, where shopping experiences offer an eclectic variety unlike any other. Take a stroll through shops selling everything from specialty pet items to exclusive keepsakes from local artists. Make sure to grab a coffee from one of the cafés to help fight off any fall chills! 


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Posted October 2018