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How to Make Chicken & Waffles the Muskoka Way

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Herb Waffles A Northern take on a Southern dish! Chef Rory Golden and his team took this sweet and salty dish and turned it into a savoury delight. Topped with Fennel and Apple Slaw and a maple whipped chevre, this dinner option is sure to wow the crowd at your next […]

Roasted Tomato Soup with Maple Syrup

With nearly 2,000 taps funneling sap through the maple forests in the highlands above the resort, Deerhurst has become known for its maple syrup. While Deerhurst’s sugar shack has been operating every Spring since 1993, these same maple woods have been used for syrup production since the Emerson Farnsworth family settled here in the late 1870’s!   To […]

Better Together: 3 Reasons Why Every Couple Needs a Snowy Getaway Now

Winter is magical. There’s nothing that compares to a sparkling, snowy landscape, and no better time for you to sneak away for a break with your partner. Whether you already love winter adventure or wouldn’t even know where to begin, here are the top reasons to make time for a winter getaway in Muskoka. 1. Ramp Up the Romance What […]

How to Embrace Winter Like a True Canadian

By Dawn Huddlestone Winter is no time to hibernate, not with so much family fun to be had in the great outdoors! Just a few hours north of the city you’ll find a winter wonderland with every activity you enjoyed as a kid—and plenty more that you didn’t. Whether your family has always enjoyed Canada’s […]

Catherine & Greg: Dreaming in August

There’s something about the feeling you get during Summer in Muskoka that’s just hard to describe. Lush green trees line the shores of the lake under a blanket of clear blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds. It’s an energetic feeling filled with hope, wonder and peacefulness. It’s a setting and a shared feeling that make summer […]

These Cosmic Events Make Stargazing in November Even Cooler

Get ready to snuggle up into warm clothes and gaze up at the canopy of stars on a crisp, clear Muskoka night. On the right night, you can relax out in the fresh air and marvel at the Milky Way blanket spanning overhead. Late October, November, and early December can provide nights with low humidity, […]

Things You Can Do With Beer (Other Than Drink It!)

Summer is over, but the season of beer is just getting started! Fall brings in the hop harvest and with it comes fresh wet hopped brews, rich Marzen lagers and robust amber ales. But especially with craft beer it doesn’t stay fresh forever. With all these delicious flavours to experience, it’s hard to imagine anyone letting perfectly […]

Why Late Fall Is a Great Time In Muskoka For Couples

Nothing is better than creating unforgettable moments with your significant other. It helps reinforce what – and who – is important to us. But when can you carve out the time to get away? Sandwiched in between the rush of back-to-school then it’s Thanksgiving already and the madness of the holiday season is a quiet, […]

Confit Salmon and SUNSET® Campari® Tomatoes: A Roger Mooking Recipe

Find the original recipe post here. Satisfy your taste buds this fall with this classic Roger Mooking recipe! This dish is one of many delights that will be available at the Roger Mooking Culinary Weekend on October 26 – 28. Try it at home and compare! Serves 4 8 fresh garlic cloves 1/2 bunch fresh […]

5 Must Visit Places in Muskoka for Families

Great family vacations shape fond memories that last a lifetime. Building an unforgettable family trip isn’t always easy. That’s why we put together this list of must-visit places for the family to visit during your stay in Muskoka. From visiting Santa’s cottage to walking atop a forest’s canopy, touring a turn-of-the-century village to enjoying handcrafted chocolate […]