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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Deerhurst Resort’s Early Years

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Deerhurst Resort’s Early Years Updated April 2020. These highlights from the past remind us that our current closure is but one chapter in our long history. And when we can turn the page, Deerhurst will be ready to set the stage for so many more memories to be made […]

Checking In From Muskoka – Wish You Were Here

Hello from Muskoka to all our Guests and Friends  A message from GM, Jesse Hamilton during Deerhurst’s Covid-19 Precautionary Closure  First of all, we miss you! While quiet retreats is something Muskoka is famous for, this is a quiet unlike any I’ve known here before. You’d have to go back to Deerhurst’s earlier history when […]

Fond of Fondue? Why This Classic is Making a Comeback

When you think fondue, you might think ‘70s après-ski. But the origin of this classic dish goes much further back—by several centuries. It’s truly timeless, and it’s time for a resurgence. As far as cold-weather comfort food goes, fondue’s got it all. It’s made for sharing—and lingering over—by two or a tableful (you could horde […]

Is Hygge Still a Thing? You Bet.

Coziness and contentment never go out of style. The Danes have had that long figured out with their concept of hygge (pronounced hue-gah): enjoying simple pleasures that contribute to well-being. A few years ago, hygge took the rest of the world by storm, and why not? Who doesn’t want comfort, happiness and relaxation, especially as […]

Why Leaves Change Colour

We all talk about how spectacular the fall colours are, where to go for best viewing, take a thousand photos and it’s onto the next thing – but did you ever think about why the leaves actually change colour? Nature’s pretty cool when you think about it. All the life cycles it goes through throughout […]

No Experience Required: Visiting Algonquin Park 101

No Experience Required: Visiting Algonquin Park 101 Think you have to be a wilderness expert to get out and explore one of Canada’s most iconic parks? Yah not so much. With the Fall season almost here, Algonquin Park offers some of the most remarkable Fall colour experiences in the country, and just because you haven’t […]

Discovering Tom Thomson’s Algonquin Connection

Paint & Paddle During “The Spirit of Tom Thomson” Weekend at Deerhurst Resort If you’ve ever dreamed of painting like Tom Thomson, or following in this Canadian icon’s footsteps – or paddle strokes – in his beloved Algonquin Park, then Deerhurst Resort is offering a Fall weekend experience you won’t want to miss – The […]

What Happens When Your Weekends Aren’t Saturdays and Sundays?

How Midweek Days Off Can Work in Your Favour Weekends are for getaways. But who says that the weekend has to be a Saturday and Sunday? Not everyone works the traditional Monday to Friday model. From first responders and medical staff, to tech support and hospitality, to name a just a few, there are so […]