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How Shopify Rediscovered Winter in Muskoka

Why a Canadian Narwhal Chose Deerhurst for Its Annual Sales Kick-Off Meeting Shopify is one of the world’s most successful e-commerce startups, and it’s based right here in Ontario. In fact, it has been so successful that it recently became a “narwhal​,​” a name given to the handful of Canadian tech companies that ​have ​achieved​ the […]

Learning a Survival Tactic – Why It’s the Next Big Thing for Meetings

What’s the latest and greatest thing when it comes to meetings? According to Mark O’Dell, Director of Team Development with Adventures in Excellence it’s "learning a survival tactic that inspires people and makes them feel like they can do anything!" According to Mark, one of the coolest and easiest survival tactics to learn as a […]

What Fresh Muskoka Air Can Do For Your Team

Nature inspires. It’s kind of a ‘science’ thing. All that fresh air just makes your brain better. Hanging out in the great wide open helps restore mental energy. Boost concentration. It has even been shown to improve eyesight. But we’re not talking about just any fresh air or nature. We’re talking about Muskoka’s unique brand […]

Meeting Ideas To Fall For

Looking for new ideas on where to take your next meeting this fall? Why not get out of the office and start inspiring your employees and colleagues to think differently by providing a change of scenery. Fall in Muskoka is incredibly breathtaking – and a great way to bring about new ideas, strong connections and […]

The Power of Nature in Teambuilding

Do you know why geese fly in a ‘V’ formation? Sounds simple doesn’t it? Mark O’Dell, Director of Team Development for Adventures in Excellence often poses this question to his groups, and asks them to really think about it. “When you look hard at the natural world around us there are so many lessons we […]

Oreo Solutions with Adventures in Excellence

When is the best time to do teambuilding? Everyday! Mark O’Dell, Director of Team Development for Adventures in Excellence shares his perspective on why teambuilding is key to a successful work environment.   Looking to plan your next meeting? Discover the new Deerhurst. From fresh accommodations, year-round activities, teambuilding programs by Adventures in Excellence and […]

A Perfect “Work Family” Getaway

RL Solutions "Collabratory" Session Wows… When a software developer like RL Solutions decides it’s time for a company retreat, you can bet they’re looking for an out-of-the-box experience. Keynote speakers and breakout sessions are fine, but RL Solutions has a work culture that emphasizes comradery and a head office that comes equipped with its own […]

It’s Time for Your Team to Rise & Shine in Muskoka

hen you think of Muskoka, does summer automatically come to mind? The truth is, with so much to do year-round, Muskoka truly is a four-season destination for business or pleasure. Here are the top reasons for meeting in Muskoka this Fall: 1. There’s still TONS to do! From ATV off-roading and Paintball tournaments to zipping […]