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Muskoka-Style Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Cozy Up with Red Wine Hot Chocolate with a Muskoka Twist Picture yourself on a cold winter day with a cup of velvety smooth homemade hot chocolate, feeling cozy right? Now picture yourself on a cold winter day with a cup of velvety smooth homemade hot chocolate with red wine…wait what? Things just got interesting.  […]

Upscale Your Eggnog (and Add a Muskoka Twist)

3 Ways to Upscale Your Holiday Eggnog It’s officially holiday season and what better way to get in the spirit than sipping on good old’ eggnog! While regular eggnog is already a holiday favourite, Deerhurst Resort’s Executive Chef, David Bakker is sharing his favourite ways to upscale your eggnog.  “Eggnog is one of my favourite […]

Winning Gold at the Culinary Olympics

Deerhurst Resort’s Executive Chef, David Bakker, has just returned from the IKA/Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany where he captained the culinary team from Humber College, where he teaches, earning Gold in the regional team competition. The IKA/Culinary Olympics have taken place every four years since 1900, and now attracts 2,000 chefs from 50 countries, who […]

Learning a Survival Tactic – Why It’s the Next Big Thing for Meetings

What’s the latest and greatest thing when it comes to meetings? According to Mark O’Dell, Director of Team Development with Adventures in Excellence it’s "learning a survival tactic that inspires people and makes them feel like they can do anything!" According to Mark, one of the coolest and easiest survival tactics to learn as a […]

What Fresh Muskoka Air Can Do For Your Team

Nature inspires. It’s kind of a ‘science’ thing. All that fresh air just makes your brain better. Hanging out in the great wide open helps restore mental energy. Boost concentration. It has even been shown to improve eyesight. But we’re not talking about just any fresh air or nature. We’re talking about Muskoka’s unique brand […]

Fall Foodie Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin and Vanilla Bisque

Roasted Pumpkin and Vanilla Bisque Fall = The Perfect Time for Hearty Soups! Foodies, cooks, home chefs you’re going to want to make this a staple in your fall cooking! Roasted Pumpkin and Vanilla Bisque 1 tbsp Vegetable oil 1 cup Roughly chopped onion 1 cup Roughly chopped carrot 1 cup Roughly chopped celery 2 […]

Meeting Ideas To Fall For

Looking for new ideas on where to take your next meeting this fall? Why not get out of the office and start inspiring your employees and colleagues to think differently by providing a change of scenery. Fall in Muskoka is incredibly breathtaking – and a great way to bring about new ideas, strong connections and […]

Algonquin Park Wolf Howls

Experience Wolf Howls in Algonquin Park Known for offering visitors unique and truly Canadian experiences, Algonquin Park is a must-visit destination. Visitors can do everything from day hikes through wooded trails where wildlife can be spotted, canoe trips on one of the many lakes, to exploring the Visitor Centre and so much more. But one of the […]

Make Your Own Long Weekend

Summer…days of the dock, jumping into a cool lake, time with friends and family, and dreaming of spending your long weekends in Muskoka. But have you looked at the calendar lately? There’s a pretty big stretch from the August long weekend which mostly falls in July to the Labour Day long weekend which is in […]

Why Your Next Tournament Should Be a Shamble

Try a Shamble for Your Next Tournament Forget the usual corporate tournaments that strike fear into the hearts of twice-a year-players. These days, golf events are about making the game enjoyable for everyone. It’s all about fun and most importantly, creating connections –which is golf’s biggest benefit by far. When planning your tournament, the trick […]