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Fall Foodie Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin and Vanilla Bisque

Roasted Pumpkin and Vanilla Bisque Fall = The Perfect Time for Hearty Soups! Foodies, cooks, home chefs you’re going to want to make this a staple in your fall cooking! Roasted Pumpkin and Vanilla Bisque 1 tbsp Vegetable oil 1 cup Roughly chopped onion 1 cup Roughly chopped carrot 1 cup Roughly chopped celery 2 […]

Meeting Ideas To Fall For

Looking for new ideas on where to take your next meeting this fall? Why not get out of the office and start inspiring your employees and colleagues to think differently by providing a change of scenery. Fall in Muskoka is incredibly breathtaking – and a great way to bring about new ideas, strong connections and […]

Algonquin Park Wolf Howls

Experience Wolf Howls in Algonquin Park Known for offering visitors unique and truly Canadian experiences, Algonquin Park is a must-visit destination. Visitors can do everything from day hikes through wooded trails where wildlife can be spotted, canoe trips on one of the many lakes, to exploring the Visitor Centre and so much more. But one of the […]

Make Your Own Long Weekend

Summer…days of the dock, jumping into a cool lake, time with friends and family, and dreaming of spending your long weekends in Muskoka. But have you looked at the calendar lately? There’s a pretty big stretch from the August long weekend which mostly falls in July to the Labour Day long weekend which is in […]

Why Your Next Tournament Should Be a Shamble

Try a Shamble for Your Next Tournament Forget the usual corporate tournaments that strike fear into the hearts of twice-a year-players. These days, golf events are about making the game enjoyable for everyone. It’s all about fun and most importantly, creating connections –which is golf’s biggest benefit by far. When planning your tournament, the trick […]

The Power of Nature in Teambuilding

Do you know why geese fly in a ‘V’ formation? Sounds simple doesn’t it? Mark O’Dell, Director of Team Development for Adventures in Excellence often poses this question to his groups, and asks them to really think about it. “When you look hard at the natural world around us there are so many lessons we […]

It’s Simple – Nature Calms the Brain

For many of us it’s not that simple. We work long hours, commute in traffic, get home, have dinner and fall asleep just to do it all over again. Now more than ever it has become so important to incorporate nature both in your working life and your personal life. Whether that be planning an […]

Best Recipes to Use Muskoka Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup Recipes You’re Going to Want to Try! It’s that time of the year again when Muskoka’s forests are filled with all that liquid gold and maple syrup producers are busy collecting, boiling and bottling up what has become a Canadian household staple. “It’s a labour of love” says Brian O’Donoghue, operator of Sweet […]

Oreo Solutions with Adventures in Excellence

When is the best time to do teambuilding? Everyday! Mark O’Dell, Director of Team Development for Adventures in Excellence shares his perspective on why teambuilding is key to a successful work environment.   Looking to plan your next meeting? Discover the new Deerhurst. From fresh accommodations, year-round activities, teambuilding programs by Adventures in Excellence and […]

How to Upscale Your Mac’n Cheese with Lobster

It’s time to upscale winter’s ultimate comfort food. Is there anything better than some good old mac’n cheese? We didn’t think so either, but then Deerhurst’s Executive Chef David Bakker added lobster and the whole world got turned upside down! BEST IDEA EVER. What you’ll need: 2 Tbsp vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. 1 clove […]