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Canadian Canoe Culture

Canadian Canoe Culture #PaddleON The canoe is one of the seven wonders of Canada. It stands for everything Canadian. Without the canoe, there would be no Canada. “To put a paddle in the water is to feel the quiet power and possibility of Canada’s past, its present and its future. To paddle is to plug […]

Chuck Hughes’ Fried Feta Salad

Fried Feta Salad from Chuck’s Day Off Cookbook Chuck Hughes is road tripping to Muskoka this October and in anticipation of his arrival he’s sharing one of his favourite recipes – Fried Feta Salad…cue hunger growls. So before you hit the road and head to Deerhurst, head to your kitchen and start warming up your tastebuds! Prep […]

Six Ways to Make Your Wedding More Muskoka

Adding Elements of Muskoka to Your Big Day is a MUST! These days thanks to the world of Pinterest and Instagram there are a thousand (ok million) ideas when it comes to décor and personal touches for your big day. But honestly, they can all start to look the same. But there’s a magic to […]

The Bunker Squad Returns to Deerhurst Highlands

Fairways Golf & Travel: A Return to Deerhurst Highlands We were thrilled to see Deerhurst Highlands was featured in the July, 2017 edition of Fairways Golf & Travel Magazine, the premier online golf publication that covers all that is important to the avid golfer. Peter Mumford, editor, publisher and now self-described blogger, recently made his return to Deerhurst […]

Flyboarding 101 with a World Competitor

Flyboarding Tips from SWS & Team CanFly’s Geoff Hulet  Let me guess, when you think of flyboarding your mind takes you to those TD commercials that ran a few years back, but trust us, it’s not like that at all. We sat down with Geoff Hulet who is a mega expert when it comes to flyboarding […]

The Blueberry Maple Cocktail | More Food & Drink

The Blueberry Maple Cocktail – A Feature in LCBO’s Summer 2017 More Food & Drink This summer sipper is the perfect accompaniment to lake views, a Muskoka chair and some good company – what else do you really need? In the latest issue of LCBO’s  More Food & Drink Deerhurst Resort’s Executive Chef, David Bakker shares […]

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Deerhurst Resort’s Early Years

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Deerhurst Resort’s Early Years Updated April 2020. While the global impact of Covid-19 is a story still unfolding, this seems like a fitting time to take a step back and reflect on how Deerhurst Resort began, endured and shaped so many memories for generations through its colourful history.  These […]

Owl Prowl … Say What?!

Owl Prowl Summer Program at Deerhurst In Search of Owls with Naturalist, Robin Tapley. Forget heading to the campfire to end off another glorious day in Muskoka, instead lace up and head out on a ‘prowl’ in search of everyone’s favourite night creatures. Robin Tapley is the onsite naturalist and wildlife photographer at the Algonquin […]

The Newest Craft Beer to Hit Muskoka

Deerhurst Creates Its Own Craft Beer It’s all about craft beer these days and we at Deerhurst Resort are totally on board with this! With a popularity expanding from big production beer to craft breweries, locally brewed beer has been brought back into the spotlight – and it’s about time! In Partnership with Muskoka Brewery  “The […]

Harvesting and Cooking Fiddleheads with CTV Barrie

CTV Barrie Forages for Fiddleheads with Executive Chef David Bakker It’s fiddlehead season in Muskoka and CTV Barrie joined Deerhurst Resort’s Executive Chef David Bakker to learn how to harvest and cook these little vegetables. Celebrate the return of spring with an oh-so-delicious getaway to Muskoka. Book the Taste of Spring package and enjoy a 3-course […]