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Six Must Visit Shops in Downtown Huntsville

Six Must Visit Shops in Downtown Huntsville From swimming, canoeing, hiking and relaxing there is a ton to do in Muskoka, but if visiting the area (even if you’ve been coming here for years), exploring downtown Huntsville is a must! Home to unique stores and eateries, Main Street in Huntsville is the place to be – […]

Top 7 Places to Stop En Route to Deerhurst

7 Must Stop Places for Any Muskoka Road Trip Summer is here which means … hello road trips! Whether it’s your first trip to Muskoka or your hundredth, hitting the highway heading north to cottage country is always exciting. Yes, you’re anxious to get up here and get your getaway started, but here we’re all […]

What is it About Wild Leeks that Makes People so Crazy for Them?

It’s Wild Leek Season What is it About Wild Leeks that Makes People so Crazy for Them? It’s wild leek season in Muskoka (finally!) which means spring has arrived as wild leeks (also referred to as ramps, wild garlic, wood leeks or spring onions) are one of the first vegetables of springtime. Usually available from […]

Artists Find Inspiration in Algonquin Park

Artists Share the Artistic Side of Algonquin Park If there was ever a time to visit Algonquin Provincial Park, this is the year! Why you may ask? Because this year, Canada’s oldest provincial park is turning 125. Algonquin Park is wilderness paradise, and many travel far and wide to explore its natural beauty. But Algonquin […]

Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Play

How to Speed Up Your Play on the Course Get on and off the course faster with these easy tips Love to golf but can’t always afford the time? Five-hour rounds are tiring for everyone, and very frustrating for all the groups behind you. We all know the players who saunter, chat and take way […]

Planning A Romantic Weekend – What She (or He!) Really Wants To Do.

Whether you’re a couple that’s been together for a while or your status just changed to “in a relationship,” every couple needs a little escape to reconnect and just have fun. You know, get away from the everyday, the routine and the one … two … ok, multiple to-do lists. A romantic weekend away with […]

Here’s How to ‘Hygge’ This Fall

How Will You Hygge This Year? Last year hygge took the social world by storm – everyone was all about it, how best to hygge, why you should hygge and where you should hygge. Now that fall has arrived and cooler temps are back in the air, it’s time to bring hygge back (because it […]

Mystery Solving in Muskoka

Escape Rooms Come to Muskoka Escape rooms have been all the rage in the last number of years – and it’s obvious why. With their devious challenges, brainteasers and riddles, escape rooms are interactive, fun and entertaining – and who doesn’t love solving a mission? Popping up all over the world, escape rooms have been primarily popular in city centres […]

Wilderness By Day, Pampered At Night

Shawn James Shares the Perfect Way to Experience Algonquin Park “Here, we found the perfect compromise between my fondness for wilderness adventure and my wife’s preference for luxury getaways.” We were thrilled to see Deerhurst Resort featured in Shawn James’ recent article ‘Wilderness By Day, Pampered At Night‘ on, the official travel and adventure magazine […]

Canadian Canoe Culture

Canadian Canoe Culture #PaddleON The canoe is one of the seven wonders of Canada. It stands for everything Canadian. Without the canoe, there would be no Canada. “To put a paddle in the water is to feel the quiet power and possibility of Canada’s past, its present and its future. To paddle is to plug […]