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Mystery Solving in Muskoka

Escape Rooms Come to Muskoka Escape rooms have been all the rage in the last number of years – and it’s obvious why. With their devious challenges, brainteasers and riddles, escape rooms are interactive, fun and entertaining – and who doesn’t love solving a mission? Popping up all over the world, escape rooms have been primarily popular in city centres […]

Wilderness By Day, Pampered At Night

Shawn James Shares the Perfect Way to Experience Algonquin Park “Here, we found the perfect compromise between my fondness for wilderness adventure and my wife’s preference for luxury getaways.” We were thrilled to see Deerhurst Resort featured in Shawn James’ recent article ‘Wilderness By Day, Pampered At Night‘ on, the official travel and adventure magazine […]

Canadian Canoe Culture

Canadian Canoe Culture #PaddleON The canoe is one of the seven wonders of Canada. It stands for everything Canadian. Without the canoe, there would be no Canada. “To put a paddle in the water is to feel the quiet power and possibility of Canada’s past, its present and its future. To paddle is to plug […]

Flyboarding 101 with a World Competitor

Flyboarding Tips from SWS & Team CanFly’s Geoff Hulet  Let me guess, when you think of flyboarding your mind takes you to those TD commercials that ran a few years back, but trust us, it’s not like that at all. We sat down with Geoff Hulet who is a mega expert when it comes to flyboarding […]

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Deerhurst Resort’s Early Years

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Deerhurst Resort’s Early Years Updated April 2020. While the global impact of Covid-19 is a story still unfolding, this seems like a fitting time to take a step back and reflect on how Deerhurst Resort began, endured and shaped so many memories for generations through its colourful history.  These […]

Five Insiders Share Their Favourite Spots in Muskoka

Insider Tips for the Best Places to Explore in Muskoka When you think of Muskoka what comes to mind? Sitting on the dock, enjoying the lake and tuning into ‘Muskoka time.’ Sounds wonderful right? But there is truly so much more to see and do beyond the dock or resort beach – whether it’s exploring […]

Why An Agenda-Free Spring Weekend Made The Best Getaway

Why An Agenda-Free Spring Weekend Made The Best Getaway Why would couples ever head north in the spring?  That was my exact thought … but man am I ever glad I did. A few years ago my fiancé and I were given a weekend away in Muskoka at the end of March. As nice a gift […]

Eight Things Every Kid Must Do Before Winter’s Over

Ready for the Best Winter Yet? Remember when you were a kid and how much you loved winters? Playing in the snow, building snowman, tobogganing (when it was legal…), skating…There was endless fun waiting when all that fluffy white stuff fell. We’ve put together the ultimate winter checklist – 8 Things Every Kid Must Do Before […]

More to Arrowhead Park Than You Think

Arrowhead is well know for its world famous ice trail but did you know it’s full of snowy adventures? Arrowhead Provincial Park, made famous by their 1.3km ice skating trail through the forest, is a magical place during the winter. Think snow covered trees, quiet wooded trails and beautiful winter vistas overlooking the river and their […]

Winter Family Fun at Deerhurst Resort

A family road trip to Deerhurst Resort this winter will have the kids delighting not only in the snow – but in everything that goes along with it. As every parent knows, happy kids mean a happy vacation. Never was a truer phrase spoken and never did one Ontario destination deliver so much to keep […]